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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
Present Campaign
9/24 Sat. 11:15PM (ET) / 8:15PM (PT)
Drama: Soseki Natsume and his Wife
9/24 Sat. 9:40PM (ET) / 6:40PM (PT)Start
Drama:Destiny-Like Love
9/23 Fri. 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)Start
SONGS Special- Hikaru Utada
9/22 Thu. 11:15PM (ET) / 8:15PM (PT)
Somewhere Street-Kobe, Japan
9/24 Sat. 2:00PM (ET) / 11:00AM (PT)
The World of Dinosaur
9/24 Sat. 8:10PM (ET) / 5:10PM (PT)
Shoten SP
9/25 Sun. 8:55PM (ET) / 5:55PM (PT)
cool japan: Japanese housewife w/ English Sub.
9/20 Tue. 12:15PM (ET) / 9:15PM (PT)
NHK Special : The Future of Shrinking Japan--Report on Rural and Urban Areas
9/25 Sun. 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)
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