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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
Present Campaign
NHK Special
6/26 Sun 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)
SONGS: Keisuke Kuwata
6/23 Thu. 11:50PM (ET) / 8:50PM (PT)
Drama: Furenabaochin
5/28 Tue. 11:45PM (ET) / 8:45PM (PT)Start
Drama: Botchan, Again--A Clash of Fate
6/28 Tue. 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)
Exciting Sports Talks "On Rank Ozeki of Sumo"
6/26 Sun. 11:15PM(ET) / 8:15PM (PT)
BS1 Special "So Intense! The World's Best Sommelier Competition"
6/29 Wed & 6/30 Thu . 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)
Tsurube's Salute to Families
"Actor, Go Ayano travels to Mitane City, Akita Prefecture"

6/27 Mon. 8:00PM (ET) / 5:00PM (PT)
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