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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
Present Campaign
TV JAPAN CINEMA THEATER-Bali Big Brother (W/English Sub.)
7/30 Sat. 9:10PM (ET) / 6:10PM (PT)
Drama: Aogeba Toutoshi
7/26 Tue. 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT) Start
Marine Adventure
7/28 Thu. 8:00PM (ET) / 5:00PM (PT)
The Premium: Gussan's Trip to Tokyo from Osaka by Truck
7/30 Sat. 7:40PM (ET) / 4:40PM (PT)
NHK Special:"Amazon--The Last Unexplored Region" Part 4
7/31 Sun. 10:00PM (ET) / 7:00PM (PT)
Tsurube's Salute to Families Special-San Francisco
8/1 Mon. 8:00PM (ET) / 5:00PM (PT)
Drama: Kidnap Tour
8/2 Tue. 8:00PM (ET) / 5:00PM (PT)
NHK Special
8/3 Wed.& 8/4 Thu. 8:00PM (ET) / 5:00PM (PT)
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