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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversay
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TV JAPAN 25th Anniversary
Present Campaign
Drama:The Full-Time Wife Escapist
1/11 Wed. 10:15PM (ET) / 7:15PM (PT)Start
Samurai Drama:Ooka Echizen Special
1/14 Sat. 8:10PM (ET) / 5:10PM (PT)
Drama:Mom, May I Quit Being Your Daughter?
1/13 Fri. 10:15PM (ET) / 7:15PM (PT)Start
NHK Special MEGA CRISIS Part 3
1/15 Sun. 10:15PM (ET) / 7:15PM (PT)
Hitoshi Murayama's Great Adventure of the Universe
1/15 Sun. 12:10AM (ET) / 9:10PM (PT)
Strolling with Tamori-Sanuki Udon Noodles
1/15 Sun. 7:10PM (ET) / 4:10PM (PT)
Drama:Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit II
1/21 Sat. 10:15PM (ET) / 7:15PM (PT)Start
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