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How to Subscribe TV JAPAN

What is TV JAPAN?
TV JAPAN is the only 24 hour premium Japanese language channel available in North America. In the US, TV JAPAN is available through DISH satellite service, affiliated cable systems and IPTV providers. In Canada, TV JAPAN is available through affiliated cable & IPTV providers.
TV JAPAN broadcast in High Definition is available nationwide on DISH and select cable and IPTV providers in both US and Canada. TV JAPAN continues to expand the distribution of our High Definition service.
As a Japanese television network ingrained in North America, TV JAPAN values our connection with our customers.

What programs are available on TV JAPAN?
TV JAPAN provides a rich lineup of programs and movies from the top Japanese networks and studios. NHK news coverage direct from Japan provides today’s top stories. TV JAPAN’s global satellite network can provide live coverage of breaking news and other emergencies affecting Japan to serve as a life-line to residents in North America.
TV JAPAN provides entertainment programs including Japanese hit movies, highly rated dramas, popular variety shows, exciting sporting events such as LIVE Grand Sumo Tournaments from J-pop to anime to kids shows and more.

How much is the monthly subscription fee?
TV JAPAN is a premium channel which can be added to your TV package.
Pricing in U.S. and Canada:
U.S.- starting from $25/month
Canada ? starting from $15/month
*TV JAPAN monthly subscription fee may varies by provider. Please contact your local provider for detail.

How can one subscribe to TV JAPAN?
Please check service availability.

Special Offers:
Please check here for special offers available from TV JAPAN and our partners.

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